Sony is inviting PS5 owners to buy another PS5

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If you already have a PS5, Sony humbly suggests that you buy another - or at least that's the implication of sending a new wave of PlayStation Direct purchase invitations to folks who already bought one.

As shared on Twitter by game-stuff buying expert Wario64, and with a number of Reddit commenters separately joining in, the PS5 purchase invitations seem to be rolling out without regard for whether you've already bought a system through the PlayStation Direct program. Each invite comes with a special window in which you'll be able to log onto Sony's shop and purchase a PS5 without needing to hammer Refresh on a retailer page, and even be able to add accessories and games to your order without fear of your console being bought out from under you while you shop.

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It's a great way to snag a PS5 if you're in the market for one, though it's obviously not ideal to send them out to current owners when Sony is struggling to get PS5 stock out to as many folks who don't already have one as it can. On the other hand, the good news is you could always get one for a friend through this system and have them pay you back later. Just make sure they actually want a PS5 before you lay out the cash.

Sony has said it will accelerate the production of PS5 systems in its next fiscal year, which means getting more consoles in players' homes - ultimately it's aiming to sell more annually than the original PlayStation, which moved a dizzying 22.6 million units per year at its peak. Even as it works to catch up on its shortage of hardware, Sony is still moving forward with updates on the software side: it recently opened sign ups for the first PS5 system software beta program, which will give participants the chance to test out upcoming changes to the console before they roll out to the general public.

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