Sony has a fix for the PS5 'Queued for Download' bug

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There's now a fix for a particularly inconvenient bug that's been happening on the PS5. According to the Ask PlayStation Twitter, players now have the ability to help get rid of a bug that resulted in issues while downloading games, prompting messages that told players that their games were "queued for download" or telling the player to "view details" rather than downloading the games properly. 

PlayStation took to Twitter to explain the fix, instructing players to update the system software to the most recent version available, start the PS5 in safe mode and then rebuild the database. The post also provided details on Safe Mode and how to go about using it properly. 

When using Safe Mode, much like similar modes on a computer, players can boot up their PS5 console with only the most basic functions available. Players can access Safe Mode by shutting off the console, pressing and holding the power button again, and releasing it after hearing a second beep seven seconds after the initial press. Players can use this mode to manually update the software on the console on both the PS4 and PS5.

The bug in question resulted in players getting stuck in the "queued for download" phase of getting a new game, which meant that the titles couldn't be played or redownloaded. The bug caused something of a stir among fans who were unable to play their new games, especially with the release of the new console in the UK. There were several reports of the bug across the internet, including on the official PS5 subreddit.

Thankfully, it seems like Sony is on the case and has a fix that will bring things back to normal.

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