Sons of the Forest update adds a new system for finding bunker locations

Sons of the Forest shotgun location
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Endnight has added several new features to its smash indie hit, Sons of the Forest.

"This patch adds a new system for finding bunker locations which are now not visible on your GPS tracker at the start," Endnight Games explained in a new Steam update. "Along with this, we have made a bunch of A.I. improvements, tons of bug fixes, the ability to name your save games, and a new action camera that is used to view found footage videos, along with the first of these videos with more coming in the future.

"Also, because we have seen a lot of people asking – the log sled will return! It is almost ready for release and will be included in the next patch."

Other new features include the addition of a new "Action Cam" item and "first found footage tape", new point of interest discovery laptops, the ability to name save games, and new popup messages that let people know when they've been kicked or banned from a game.

There's also a long, long list of improvements and fixes, too. Highlights include confirmation that Kelvin can now carry 2 logs at a time, brighter night vision goggles, more spots in villages for cannibals to stand watch or sit around, and "muddies are now more likely to flee when scared".

For the full list of the tweaks and improvements, head on over to the Steam page.

Players became attached to loveable doofus sidekick Kelvin, and even mourned the loss of Kelvin's true nature after a recent patch stopped him cutting down the treehouses we all spent an hour building. The success of the sandbox survival game has also seen Sons of the Forest's predecessor, The Forest, get a big uptick in sales on PlayStation devices since its successor launched earlier this year.

Did you see that someone - somehow - has beaten Sons of the Forest in under eight minutes?

The survival horror game might've only just launched in early access at the end of February, but it hasn't taken long for amazing speedrunners to dissect Sons of the Forest thoroughly, competing to complete the game as quickly as possible.

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