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Sonic Riders Cheats

Straightforward and arcadey to the core, Riders offers a lot of Sonic fan service but is just too busted for anyone else.

Sonic Riders FAQs

Sonic Riders Hints

  • GameCube | Submitted by Joey Dude

    Get Rings Quickly

    You might die of boredom doing this but if you are a fairly patient person then it won't kill you (just about). All you have to do is go on red canyon. Go on single race and on the options select one lap. Just race as fast as you can and towards the end, just after the bit where you go up the wheel, and then go down the waterfall, go to the left side of the hill when you land and there is 100 rings. The kick ass thing about this is that it doesn't matter what position you come in you still get the rings.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Lman902120

    Secret to Crossbow in Sand Ruins

    When you reach the crossbow and the rotate joystick icon appears, rotate the left thumb stick clockwise as fast as you can. If you're sucsessful you will blast into the stadium.

  • PS2 | Submitted by whyte chakalaat

    Rankings and Prizes for World Grand Prix

    This is just a basic overview of what you will get for certain rankings in the world grand prix.

    3rd Place: 300 rings
    2nd Place: 500 rings
    1st Place: 1000 rings

    Here's how many points you need to get for each ranking:

    3rd: 30 pts.
    2nd: 40 pts.
    1st: 50 pts.

    Here's how many points you get for each place in the race:

    1st: 10 pts
    2nd: 8 pts.
    3rd: 6 pts.
    4th: 4 pts.
    5th: 3 pts.
    6th: 2 pts.
    7th: 1 pt.
    8th: 0 pts.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Chip21

    Random Selection

    Character screen.

    Press and hold R1 at the character title screen.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Antonio

    How to get 100 rings in Splash Canyon

    Splash canyon race

    When you get on the first rail get off in the middle and you'll find a container that has 100 rings on the ground in front of you. If you get it will give a level 3 boost.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Anonymous

    Ride Your Own Turblunce

    1. Charge
    2. Turn around
    3. Ride

  • PS2 | Submitted by J killa


    To beat the guardian you gotta line yourself up with that little pot he is in and when you do that go straight thru it and the track should start to change. If you do that three times and beat him, you will get Eggman and two new tracks. One of those tracks is really cool.

  • GameCube | Submitted by eddie

    Waterfall Shortcut

    Splash Canyon on 1 player mode

    Make Tails go behind the waterfall for a secret shortcut.

Sonic Riders Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by Little Scottish Man

    Eggman, Magic Carpet, Bike Extreme Gear

    End of Babylon story mode

    Once you have completed Heroes Story Mode go onto Babylon Story Mode, complete it by going onto these courses: Night Chase, Red Canyon, Ice Factory, White Cave, Dark Desert, Sky Road and Babylon Guardian. Once you have completed all of these tracks you will have eggman, magic carpet and bike extreme gear. You can buy bike extreme gear from the shop.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Michael Shmit

    New Story Mode

    Complete Hero Story to unlock the new Story Mode.

  • Xbox | Submitted by DANTAN

    Unlock E100000G and EGearG

    To unlock E100000G and EGearG play 100 races to unlock him and his extreme gear.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Mike Haney

    Hidden Characters

    AiAi - Beat all Jet, Wave and Storm missions
    Nights - Beat all Jet, Wave and Storm missions
    Ulala - Beat all Jet, Wave and Storm missions

  • Xbox | Submitted by Bob Vandle

    Unlock Boards/Scooters/Sneakers

    Bike type (Different Styles of Boards/Scooters) - Beat Babylon Story
    Blue Star II (Sonic's Board) - Beat Babylon Story
    Darkness (Shadow's Sneakers) - Beat Hero Story
    Egg-Rider (Eggman's Scooter) - Beat Babylon Story
    Magic Carpet - Beat Babylon Story
    Skate type (Shadow's Sneakers) - Beat Hero Story

  • Xbox | Submitted by Helen Johnson

    New Characters

    Cream The Rabbit - Complete Hero Story
    Dr. Eggman - Complete Babylon Story
    Rouge The Bat - Complete Hero Story
    Shadow The Hedgehog - Complete Hero Story
    E-10000G - Play for 20 hours
    E-10000R - Play for 50 hours
    Super Sonic - Beat all Missions in Mission Mode with a Gold Emblem

  • Xbox | Submitted by Joey Bobberman

    Hidden Tracks

    SEGA Carnival - Beat Heroes Cup with Gold Emblem
    SEGA Illusion - Beat Babylon Cup with Gold Emblem

  • PS2 | Submitted by Michael


    Complete the first stage of the Babylon Cup in 1ST place.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Antonio

    Rouge, Shadow and Cream

    Finish the Hero story mode and it will unlock Shadow, Rouge and Cream.

  • GameCube | Submitted by RiderzRocker1102

    Unlock Characters and Extreme Gear

    E10000G: Play for 20 hours
    E10000R: Play for 50 hours
    AiAi, NiGHTS, and Ulala: Complete all 100 missions

  • GameCube | Submitted by RiderzRocker1102

    Unlock Chaos Emerald Gear and Super Soni

    Complete all 100 missions with gold medals for each to unlock the Chaos Emerald Board. Use this on Sonic and he becomes Super Sonic.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Zolo

    Eggman and Air Bikes

    To get Dr. Eggman and air bikes in the shop you must beat Babylon story mode which you get after beating Heroes story mode.

  • GameCube | Submitted by Sonic Blast


    Cream - Beat Heroes story
    Shadow - Beat Heroes story
    Rouge - Beat Heroes story
    Babylon Garden - Beat Heroes story
    Magic Carpet - Beat Babylon story
    Eggman - Beat Babylon story
    Night Chase - Beat Babylon story
    Sky - Beat Babylon story

Sonic Riders Glitches

  • GameCube | Submitted by Dragonslyr495

    Wrong Annoncement

    This glitch is wierd. Go to Time Trails, Free Race, or GrandPrix. Then pick Rouge and any board or skates. Do a couple of tricks, then an annoncement will say "HE" in it. (NOTE:This happens to Shadow too, except it will say "SHE" in it.)

Sonic Riders Easter Eggs

  • GameCube | Submitted by Sonic Freak 1991

    How to Ride a Rainbow

    On Splash Canyon you can actually ride on a rainbow! On the first jump after you go through the water wheel, charge-jump and do back flips. You will land on a rainbow!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Sonic Rider

    Become Super Sonic

    If you want to be come Super Sonic, first you have to go to mission mode and complete every single mission ending in Gold Rank (Beleive me, it took me a long time!) and then when you finish the last mission, it will say that you unlocked Chaos. He has a Chaos Emerald type of board which lets everybody else have it. Go to Free Race and pick Sonic as your character. For his board, choose the Emerald. He will then become Super Sonic and is extremely good on the race track!

  • GameCube | Submitted by Dragonslyr495

    Dragonball Z Reference

    Camden NJ

    Go to extras, go to the theaters menu and pick "Opening Movie". Or you can just start a new game and go to HEROES story, if you want to lose all your game progess. Now watch the movie, and at the very beginning, Tails will be holding a radar similar to the Dragon Radar. Pretty weird huh?

Sonic Riders Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Katie Turner

    New Gear in the Shop

    To unlock new, exclusive gear in the shop, perform the following tasks:
    "The Crazy" Gear - Complete all of Jet, Wave and Storm's Missions
    "Super Hang-On" Gear - Complete all of Jet, Wave and Storm's Missions
    "Opa Opa" Gear - Complete all of Jet, Wave and Storm's Missions
    "Hang-On" Gear - Complete all of Jet, Wave and Storm's Missions