Someone help this Deathloop actor secure a PS5

(Image credit: Bethesda)

 Deathloop is out on PC and PS5 tomorrow, and its lead actor has no way to play it.

If you're diving into Arkane's Deathloop tomorrow when it launches on September 14, you'll be hearing the voice of Jason Kelley as protagonist Colt. Kelly would love to try out Deathloop for himself, especially after working on the game with Arkane, but as the video below attests to, he can't get hold of a PS5 to even play the game he stars in. 

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Someone, get this man a PS5! Aside from noting said lack of a PS5, Kelley's message is a lovely celebration of the project he's spent so long working on finally being out in the world for everyone to enjoy, as players will finally get the opportunity to play as Colt on Blackreef Island.

Deathloop might not quite be out in the wild just yet, but our review is. In his complete Deathloop review, Josh West said it "wasn't what I thought it was going to be and it seemed to challenge my expectations without reservation, ultimately rewarding Arkane's latest adventure with an astounding 4.5/5.

Deathloop could very well be the final game Arkane releases on a PlayStation console. The developer has already revealed its next game, Redfall, a multiplayer shooter where supernatural humans and vampires face off against one another, and it's been confirmed as an Xbox console exclusive in the wake of Microsoft's blockbuster acquisition of Arkane parent company Bethesda last year in 2020. If Jason Kelley wants to play any future Arkane games, he might not need a PS5 to do it.

To see if your PCs up to handing Arkane's latest offering, check out the complete range of Deathloop system requirements for more.

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