Someone has made a brass PS5

a standard PS5 alongside the brass version
(Image credit: DIY Perks / YouTube)

Someone has created a PS5 faceplate out of brass.

YouTuber Matthew Perks took the plastic shell of his PS5 console and used it to create replacement parts made out of brass, creating a striking new look for a fraction of the cost of some other golden faceplates we've seen before.

While the material can be flexible - Perks says "it can be bent, cut, soldered to, and polished with relative ease" - it did admit that some aspects of the build, including getting the brass to perfectly mimic the curvature of the plastic, took "ages to do accurately".

Here, check out the full video:

If you're feeling inspired to rush out and do this yourself, though, be careful – the creator did advise that the brass shell interfered with the wifi signal, forcing them to move the wifi antenna onto the back of the machine (thanks, Kotaku). 

It's not the first snazzy PS5 makeover we've seen, of course. Ever since the console launched people have been wanting to switch up the console's look with custom faceplates, including Caviar, a company that will turn your tech into lavish and truly opulent versions of themselves.

Offering a custom range of PS5 consoles, on offer is the PS5 Golden Rock, which is encased in eight sheets of solid gold, and "made in the original jewelry technique, which adds volume and texture to the model".

As it stands, custom, unofficial faceplates for your PS5 console are something that Sony doesn't seem to keen on letting players have at the moment due to various pending patents on the console.

However, even with the potential legal issues, one company has started selling black PS5 faceplates which can turn your PS5 into a nice matte black color.

Vikki Blake
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