Solo-ing this old-school GTA Online mission is the best way to make quick cash during this week's 4x RP and GTA$ event

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With GTA 5 celebrating a decade in the Los Santos sun this weekend, Rockstar has kicked off an aptly-named '10th Anniversary Event' in GTA Online. Adopting the same limited-time framework as the crime sim's standard week-to-week affairs, players are being treated to a slew of themed bonuses and discounts to suit most play styles – many  of which this time pay deference to its base game's big birthday. 

Among the unique GTA 5-inspired collectibles, outfit options that mirror its trio of playable protagonists, new cars, and bonus-driven events, sits a nice little leg-up for those who successfully complete Lamar Davis and/or Trevor Philips' contact missions over the next several days – netting you 4x RP and GTA$  in the process. 

Both characters offer some fast and furious excursions, but Lamar's 'Lost MC RIP' venture is super loud, super lively, and, crucially, super lucrative under these temporary conditions. 

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How to make money fast in GTA Online

"Pay tribute to two of Los Santos' most infamous career criminals this week," reads the latest Rockstar Newswire post. "Lamar Davis and Trevor Philips, each with a reputation and a rap-sheet a country mile long, are both dealing out a whopping quadruple GTA$ and RP for aiding and abetting their schemes in Lamar and Trevor Contact Missions."

The Lost MC RIP is among those schemes, with Lamar ordering a hit on The Lost motorcycle gang as they gather for a funeral at the Hill Valley Church cemetery. This mission hosts up to two players, but going solo obviously negates waiting around for other people to join, and likewise lets you assume full responsibility in minding your lives counter. In order to maximize your RP and GTA$ windfall here, you'll want to play on Hard Mode (granting you two lives to get the job done); and for the sake of getting through the mission as quickly as possible, I'd recommend switching your target settings to auto-aim. 

The quickest way to find The Lost MC RIP mission is to:

- Pause the game
- Select Online
- Select Play Job
- Select Rockstar Created
- Select Missions
- Select The Lost MC RIP

Once into the mission itself, you'll spawn in a carpark in the Pacific Bluffs area, with your personal vehicle parked opposite the gas station on Del Perro Freeway. Hop in, drive up the hill to the cemetery, and activate the yellow marker at the graveyard's gates. After doing that, around 20 or so enemy beacons will spawn on your map, and from there it's up to you how you take them out. I tend to aggro the gang by first blowing up their van with a homing missile, and then ducking and covering between headstones as I pick them off one-by-one with my Special Carbine. 

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"From start to finish, the mission can be completed in under four minutes, and will net you a load of RP and somewhere in the vicinity of 40,000 GTA$."

From start to finish, the mission can be completed in under four minutes, and will net you a load of RP and somewhere in the vicinity of 40,000 GTA$. If you hit that solid for an hour, you're looking at earnings of around $600K – which is more than heists, much less hassle, and still good fun, given you get to headshot loads of baddies and blow up loads of bikes and vans. The latter sets will also fire to the graveyard's short grass, creating a deadly area of effect traps in its wake. Needless to say, they can hurt you too, so definitely be mindful of that as you plot your path of destruction. 

As a longstanding GTA Online PC player, I'm in the process of building a new character from scratch on PS5. For the sake of context, I played and replayed the above mission for just over an hour last night and jumped from level 28 to level 42 over the course. Again, both Lamar and Trevor offer loads of cool, high-carnage quests, but unlike, say, Lamar's Caught Napping – where you wind up chasing a van all the way to the north west corner of the map and back down into the city – The Lost MC mission strikes a great balance between length and potential returns. With 4x RP and GTA$ until next week, I've never been so happy to hang out in a cemetery. 

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