Smash Court Professional Tournament 2

Namco have announced a Japanese release date for the next incarnation of their never-ending Smash Court series. The glory days of SNES are well behind it now - near photo-realism, real players and generally unfavourable comparisons to the latest Virtua Tennis are now the norm.

Smash Court Pro Tour 2 offers up such pros as Serena Williams, Carlos Moya, Lindsay Davenport and officially endorsed tournaments including Wimbledon. With no official announcement of Virtua Tennis 3 as yet, this could turn out to be just the fix that PS2 owners will be dying for in the months after Little Timmy trounces all before him at Wimbledon this year. Or not, as the case may be.

Smash Court Professional Tournament 2 will be released on 1 July in Japan. There is no UK release date yet