Sly signs up for Rambo 4

There was a time there, somewhere around 1996, when Sylvester Stallone was plugging his tunnel-visioned actioner Daylight and claimed he was finished with action movies. We can safely say that Sly is currently eating his words, because Rambo 4 is unlikely to be subtitled The Therapy Years.

After previously agreeing to climb back in the ring for Rocky Balboa, ol’ Sly has now scribbled on the dotted line to play the puddle-deep Vietnam vet John Rambo one last time (definitely… for sure… maybe… perhaps). Details are sketchy because scripting has not been completed for the “haunted” soldier’s latest mission but can reveal that producers, Millenium Pictures, intend to take the franchise back to its roots.

The premise will involve a settled Rambo living a reclusive life back home in the US (no doubt with a blanket over his legs, sipping Horlicks) until he is dragged back into action when a girl goes missing. The 60-year-old soldier of fortune decides to take justice into his own hands to save the little mite. Cue such lines as: “This isn’t my war; my war is over!” Oh how we wish it were, Johnny…