Skyrim Grandma is working to get her skills back after suffering a stroke

Skyrim Grandma
(Image credit: Shirley Curry)

Shirley Curry, lovingly referred to as Skyrim Grandma by her fans, is in recovery following a stroke she suffered in her sleep. 

Curry, who's been playing Skyrim on her YouTube channel since starting in 2011, has been sharing gameplay videos on a regular basis with a legion of adoring fans. 

On February 28, Curry revealed to viewers that she had suffered a stroke in her sleep. Along with this update, she had somewhat alarming news to share in a wellness update with her fans: she had largely forgotten how to play Skyrim. 

"Skyrim is giving me fits!!! My big game every day for years, and I wake up one morning and it's mostly gone!!!" Curry wrote. "It is a scary situation!!"

Fortunately, Curry confirmed she was beginning therapy after giving viewers the rundown on what she had been up to since her stroke. Since then, she's been posting regularly, including some particularly uplifting content where she reveals a gift from Bethesda: some beautiful flowers. Showing off a bouquet of sunflowers, roses, and an additional floral assortment, she beamed at the camera.

"I'm so proud of them," Curry said of Bethesda. "And so thrilled that they would do something like this for me."

Right now, Curry appears to be doing well despite her previous setbacks. In her latest vlog, posted on March 8, she appeared in high spirits while addressing her "grandkids" (her viewers). She was all smiles while asking fans what they would like to see on her channel going forward while she waits for her memories to return to where they were before. Here's hoping Skyrim Grandma's recovery goes well and she's back in her favorite game world soon.

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Brittany Vincent