Skyrim Grandma is going to be in Elder Scrolls 6 as an NPC

YouTuber and 82-year-old grandmother Shirley Curry, more affectionately known as Skyrim Grandma, is going to be immortalised as an NPC in Elder Scrolls 6

Shirley, who is a passionate fan of Skyrim, currently has 488,870 subscribers on her YouTube channel which is most known for her videos of her Dragonborn adventures. Fans of Shirley recently started a petition to get her into the game, and the developers behind Elder Scrolls 6 happily listened. 

During Bestheda’s 25th anniversary panel at Pax East, a video celebrating the Elder Scrolls series and the community surrounding it was showcased. Shirley Curry, who has a prominent place within the community and who was rightly described as a ‘Legendary Skyrim enthusiast’, can be seen as they create an in-game model of her likeness. The photogrammetry used to scan her is obviously a feature in the new Elder Scrolls 6 engine.

During the panel, Bethesda explained that it’s using photogrammetry to scan in real world assets and push the future of its games to a level it’s never done before. Using the same method, the studio have created an impressively detailed in-game version of Skyrim Grandma for us to someday meet. 

In the video that can be seen below, Shirley said that her involvement in the game means a lot to her because she’s extremely happy to know that somebody else will be playing with her character in a future Elder Scrolls game. 

Shirley also took to Twitter to post a video of her visit, where she can be seen rocking a Skyrim T-shirt and excitedly chatting with Todd Howard. It’s all so very wholesome. 

The 25th anniversary video is very heartwarming, and just goes to show how much Bethesda cares about the Elder Scrolls community. Adding Skyrim Grandma to the game is such a wonderful way of paying homage to one very awesome lady, and we can hardly wait to meet her in-game. 

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Heather Wald
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