Skyrim: Anniversary Edition lets you collect fish in your very own aquarium

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Skyrim: Anniversary Edition will take the Dragonborn where they've never gone before: the realm of exotic fishkeeping.

As Bethesda teased in a recent tweet, the upcoming expanded version of Skyrim (which includes free updates for Skyrim Special Edition) adds custom aquariums that you can place in your Hearthfire home and then fill with all the fish you've caught. The Hearthfire DLC is included with the new edition, so you'll be ready to start your aquarium journey as soon as you get a house. 

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A brief video showed off wood and stone tanks filled with a variety of catches, and while it glossed over the important topics of filtration and temperature control, we're willing to chalk those up to magic for now. Grimly enough, several preserved fish are also mounted over the aquariums in this video, presumably to intimidate the kept fish into behaving. That, or this particular Dragonborn forgot to feed a few fish for too long and decided to put them to use anyway. 

Proper fishing was one of the headlining additions for Skyrim: Anniversary Edition – for all truly great video games must have a fishing mini-game – and it's cool to see supporting add-ons add more depth to the Dragonborn's new pastime. It's one thing to snag a fish out of the water and chuck it in your inventory, but now you can form a bond with all the fish you catch, building lovely little tanks for each one and inevitably forgetting about them when you're out adventuring. 

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