Skype bound for PSP

Jan 3, 2008

Skype, a program that allows you to talk to people for free via the internet, is headed for the PSP, Sony has revealed.

The voice-over-IP client works a bit like MSN, but specialises in voice transfer; you build up a friends list or simply dial the number of the Skype account you want to contact, and it works like a phone from there on in.

Although Sony hasn't given it the whole press-release treatment, the revelation comes from an easily miss-able mention on their official site for the upcoming CES show.

"Call friends, talk trash to fellow gamers or catch up with acquaintances via Skype for PSP system," Sony states. Note, Sony expects you to talk trash - try having an intellectual conversation with gamers and the PSP will explode (maybe).

Expect specific details - tech specs and release - to come out of CES and related conferences, kicking off on Monday and check back here for more coverage.

Courtesy of CVG.