Skylanders Giants soul gem locations guide

Chapter 16: Bringing Order to Chaos!

Unlocks: Flashwing’s “Crystal Lighthouse” Ability

You’ll spot this one resting on a ledge when you enter the Arkeyan Foyer early in the level, but you’ll have to keep moving for now.

After making your way through the conveyor belt area, you’ll reach the upper floor of the Arkeyan Foyer. Continue across the platforms to encounter a group of enemies.

Take out all the baddies to make some spring pads appear.

Now bounce down to that lower ledge we saw earlier…

…to grab your final Soul Gem!

Well, there you have it. With this guide, every Soul Gem in Skylanders Giants can be yours. For more information, check out our Skylanders Giants cheats page, and have fun with your toys!

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