Sky: Children of the Light comes to Nintendo Switch in June

Sky: Children of the Light
(Image credit: That Game Company)

Sky: Children of the Light is coming to the Nintendo Switch in June.

Just below, you can see the announcement of the Nintendo Switch release of Sky: Children of the Light from the game's official Twitter account. That Game Company, which you might know from past PlayStation hits like Flower and Journey, is bringing its co-op game from mobile platforms to Nintendo's handheld console.

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Sky: Children of the Light first launched for Apple devices through the iOS store in 2019, before arriving on the Google Play Store for Android devices a year later in 2020. Note however that Children of the Light isn't available through the Apple Arcade subscription service, as it launched before the service had even been introduced from Apple.

When Sky: Children of the Light launches in June for Nintendo Switch, it'll feature cross-play compatibility with iOS and Android platforms, so you'll be adventuring around with plenty of others. Additionally, it'll be "free-to-start," according to the official announcement on the Sky website, which indicates that users might have to pay to keep playing after a certain amount of time.

Just earlier this month, That Game Company launched a brand new update for Sky: Children of the Light, called Season of the Assembly. In this new seasonal event, which is going on right now for iOS and Android players, you can meet a Special Scout Guide, who needs you and your friends to help rebuild their treehouse. On top of this, there's plenty of cosmetics and other items ready and waiting to be earned while the event rolls on.

If you're thinking about picking up a new phone to play Children of the Light on, head over to our guide on the best gaming phones 2021 for more.

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