Skullgirls release date set for April

Valentine, Peakcock, Cerebella, and the rest of the Skullgirls crew are scheduled to make their worldwide debut on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network over the next two weeks. Today, Reverge Labs' community manager Peter Bartholow stated the stylish 2D fighter will definitely appear for XBLA on April 11 at a price of 1200 Microsoft Points ($15), while the PSN release date will arrive roughly around the same time, if not earlier.

“Unfortunately, we still cannot be 100% certain on PSN release date,” he said over the weekend. “North American PSN release will very probably be April 10th, but we are still awaiting final confirmation. And as you might expect, the PSN version will be $14.99.”

Skullgirls is the brainchild of tournament video game fighter Mike “Mike Z” Zaimont and designer Alex Ahad, who teamed with Reverge Labs to bring their vision for a hardcore, 2D fighting game to life. See why fighting fans are eager to take the Skullgirls through their paces our Skullgirls hands-on preview.

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