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Skate's sweetest hidden trick spots

Nov 14, 2007

With its revolutionary Flick-it controls, huge open world, endless trick permutations and realistic over-the-shoulder visuals,SkateshattersTony Hawk's vice-like grip on the genre. Skate's fictional city of San Vanelona is ripe for grinds, gaps and complex combos, but the locations (or "spots") listed here offer the maximum potential for points. We've rounded up the best of the in-game "spot bible," plus our favourites from around the city.

Own... The Right Grind
This multi-gapped grind sits right opposite a tram station on the far east side of the Suburbs, near the schoolyard. Tricky to dial the first time, but once you know the layout, it's straightforward.

Own... Ramped Up
Up from Slappy's in Old Town is an angled wall at the bottom of a steep hill. With enough speed you can clear the steps and reach the road. If you can avoid the pedestrians, that is.

Own... Old Town Drop
Right over the road from Slappy's is a steep incline with steps and handrails. Leap from the top step to land on the second rail and grind straight down to the street at speed.

Own... Table to Dumpster
Retrace the path of your run-in to Ramped Up and carry on to find this setup. The line is easy, but adding a grind-to-flip-then-manual exit should add more of a challenge.

Own... Kerb Leap
In the middle of Old Town is a huge no-skate area with a steep road leading to it. Nail down the pavement, turn into the ramp just before the low wall of the zone and get seriously airborne.