Skateboarding sim Session delayed on Xbox One

(Image credit: Crea-ture Studios)

The Xbox One port of Session, a new skateboarding sim which one of its creators once described as "basically Demon's Souls on a skateboard," has been pushed back a few weeks. It's now scheduled to release in "late November [or] early December," as developer Crea-ture Studios explained in an update to the game's Kickstarter, adding that it needs more time to finalize the port. 

"We know this sucks and we totally understand as we know you have been waiting to play the game on console for a while now," the studio says. "We know it’s not great news to hear, but it’s not particularly fun to announce either, especially for a small studio like ours. It is never easy to make such decisions as we know it can have an impact on several levels, so these decisions are never taken lightly."

Session was released on Steam Early Access last month for $19.99. At the time of this writing, it has 1,398 reviews on Steam which average out to "Very Positive," and as we said in our preview of the game, it may well be the most realistic skateboarding game ever made.

"Session is a skateboarding game for skaters or, at the very least, people who really like skateboarding games," our own Alex Avard wrote. "If you've been brought up on a healthy diet of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Oli Oli, you may be jarred by its unforgiving brand of hyper-real controls. Even Skate 3 enthusiasts will struggle to adapt." 

Session captures the pain and difficulty of the sport so well that it's almost hard to recommend, but if you too have a Skate-shaped void in your heart, it might be what you're looking for. Hopefully it's worth the wait on Xbox One. 

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