Skate 4 team revives Skate Reel to showcase community highlights and beefy bails

(Image credit: EA)

The Skate 4 team has brought back Skate Reel, the official home of highlight videos for the Skate player community, to show off their best in-game tricks, lines, and bails.

Before you get too excited, no, the developers aren't using Skate Reel to show off any footage of their upcoming Skate game. We're still waiting to get our first look at new Skate gameplay. But in the meantime, you can start enjoying choice gameplay snippets from the first three games, created by members of the Skate community who have kept honing their craft even in the years since the original Skate Reel was quietly taken offline.

The site's initial selection of five videos features a broad range of technical skateboarding artistry, physically impossible stunts (like jumping off a ramp onto the roof of a distant skyscraper), and some bone-crunching beefs. They're all excellent viewing material, but "Filler presented by Chunky Child" is an early favorite for proudly showcasing, rather than editing out, the danger and repeated injuries these virtual skaters endure in the pursuit of that one perfect run. At least they get there in the end.

While the new site doesn't state it outright, Skate Reel will presumably keep rolling right into the arrival of the new Skate game, showcasing a new generation of triumphs and tragedies as they unfold on four plastic wheels.

There's no telling when the next Skate rollout might happen - the developers dropped the news that a Skate 4 PC version is coming with a kickflip out of nowhere. Still playing Skate 3? Check out our Skate 3 cheats

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