Skate 4 PC version revealed with a kickflip out of nowhere

(Image credit: EA)

A Skate 4 PC version is officially happening, and EA has confirmed its arrival through the most appropriate means: kickflipping over an old CRT computer monitor.

The official Skate twitter account has continued its trend of infrequent and extremely succinct messages by confirming that Skate 4 (which is technically just called Skate right now, but it's way less confusing to call it Skate 4) will have a PC version.

That will make it the first game in the Skate series to be officially released on PC, since the first three were exclusive to PS3 and Xbox 360. Remember when multiple games in a series that wasn't a sports game or Call of Duty would come out in the same console generation? Wild.

No further details about the PC version were shared, but that's fine, since it's technically the first confirmed platform for the game. On top of confirming console versions, we're still waiting to hear more about a planned release date (or release window) for Skate 4, or even to get our first look at gameplay. That said, the new studio formed to work on the game was only officially unveiled in January, and from everything we can tell it's still pretty early along in development, so the lack of info shouldn't be taken as a cause for concern.

In the meantime, you can take another look at that Skate teaser which recorded a bunch of people's reactions to the game, and try to piece together what they were looking at from the reflections in their eyeballs.

Meanwhile, if you need something to ease your longing for Skate 4, you can take a meditative moment with minimalist skateboarding game The Ramp. 

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