The Ramp is a chill skateboarding game that gives you half-pipe ASMR

The Ramp is a new skateboarding game that tries to put you in the ultimate flow state achieved by real-life skateboarders.

It hit Steam today for $4.99 (with a launch discount dropping it to $4.79), and as developer Paul Schnepf explains, it was built to "scratch a very specific itch, which was capturing the incredible flow of half-pipe skateboarding." At its core is a pumping mechanic which encourages you to stay in rhythm with where your skater is on the half-pipe, letting you roll faster and soar higher with each pass. On top of that is a simple trick system complete with grabs and grinds, minimalist, isometric visuals, and an instrumental chillhop soundtrack to keep you feeling the beat.

"There are no unlockable things, no missions or challenges to the game," Hyperparadise says. "In many ways, I would rather call it a digital toy than a 'real' game. It is your personal flow sandbox where you can grab a 10 or 15 minute ride whenever you feel like it at what I think is a fair price."

I picked it up myself and spent a few carefree minutes skating around The Ramp's vibrant little diorama-esque environments before I started this article. I've only ever stood on a skateboard with one foot firmly planted on the ground - no rolling around for me, thanks - but it still only took a minute or two before I fell into that flow-inducing, up and down, pump and release rhythm. Should I buy a skateboard now? I mean, The Ramp cost less than five bucks, I have plenty left over for a skateboard...

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Connor Sheridan

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