Skate 4 leak reveals 30 seconds of pre-alpha footage

Skate 3
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A recent Skate 4 leak reveals a little over 30 seconds of pre-alpha footage.

As spotted by VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb, the footage was leaked via a burner account on Odysee. It shows the player character skating around an urban area grinding on rails and performing tricks like kick flips and pop shuvits. Neither the character model nor the environments have any textures, which is normal for pre-alpha, prototype footage. Grubb reports that EA is testing out an early build to figure out the "feel" of the game before it fleshes out the environments and visuals.

Check it out:

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Series creative director Cuz Parry and game director Deran Chung announced Skate 4 during EA's E3 2020 showcase, but didn't reveal much beyond the fact that the game exists. In fact, we've yet to see so much as a snippet of actual gameplay, making this leaked video the first actual footage of Skate 4 in action.

The next installment in the fabled cult boarder is simply called Skate - no numerical appendage this time around - and in February, EA issued a brief update saying the game would be "launching soon." Grubb, an insider with a reliable track record, says he doesn't expect Skate 4 to launch in 2022 but predicts we'll hear more about the game "soon." One can only hope; it's been just about 12 years since Skate 3 launched (apologies for the reminder that 2010 is 12 years ago now).

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