Sissy Spacek celebrates Four Christmases

There’s nothing we like more this time of year than a seasonal comedy. But sadly, most of the efforts in recent years have been nothing like a seasonal comedy. Deck The Halls And Christmas With The Cranks, you know where you sit on Santa’s nice/naughty list.

But Vince Vaughn – who didn’t exactly crack loads of smiles with Fred Claus – thinks he has the key to a blend of the chaotic and the heartwarming with Four Christmases, which already boasts Reese Witherspoon as his wife.

And now it has a full compliment of family members for the tale of the pair who must visit their various divorced parents’ houses for Christmas. Sissy Spacek has agreed to play the New Age-influenced mother to Vaughn’s character, while Steenburgen is the changeable mum to Witherspoon. And then there’s Robert Duvall as Vaughn’s non-nonsense father and Deck The Halls survivor Kristin Chenoweth as Reese’s OTT sister.

Director Seth Gordon’s keeping the madness in check (and on screen) and the movie should be sliding down our movie chimney next Christmas.

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