Sine Mora release date locked for March 21, new From Dust to Dust trailer loaded

Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality have announced a March 21 drop date for their jointly-made Xbox Live Arcade title, Sine Mora. The self-described “dieselpunk shoot-em-up” will retail for 1200 ($15.00) Microsoft Points and, judging by the action in this new “From Dust to Dust”, throw in a few grey hairs with every purchase.

Sine Mora's development is being headed by Goichi Suda (aka Suda51), the creative mind behind cult hits like Killer7, the No More Heroes series, and the upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw. Designed as a traditional side-scrolling shooter game with HD aesthetics, Sine Mora will feature all the trappings of a schmup adventure, with the addition of a death clock that increases or decreases with every hit. Catering to both the hardcore and casual crowd, the game will also allow for scaling difficulty, and the opportunity to load up with over 60 combinations of planes and weapons.

Watch how hairy Grasshopper's XBLA-exclusive can get in last month's “Level of Difficulty” trailer, and let us know if you're planning to sign up for Suda51's insanity in March.

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