Grasshoppers Sine Mora shows how challenging it can be in new video

Grasshopper Manufacture has a big year planned for 2012, including cheerleader zombie killer Lollipop Chainsaw. The studio of Suda51 is planning to get the year started with the XBLA-exclusive Sine Mora. The bullet hell shooter is looking to change up the field a little, but this trailer makes it look like the “Insane” difficulty is fairly challenging, something genre fans should appreciate.

That kind of side-by-side footage really shows the difference between the two types of difficulty, but as traditionalists, it’ll be hard not to feel like the easier difficulty is too easy. Or that Insane is the intended difficulty of the devs and you’re a noob if you choose the other one. It wouldn’t be a proper shoot-em-up if it wasn’t painfully frustrating at some point, right? Which will you pick when it launches in the next few months?

Henry Gilbert

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