Simon Pegg's signed up for Star Trek trilogy

We don't know if Simon Pegg was over-excited about his pal Edgar Wright signing a new deal with Working Title, or yesterday's confirmation of the third part of their Cornetto trilogy (called The World's End, if you don't already know) but something was distracting him when he talked to SCI FI Wire, because the Peggster has let a rather large Tribble out of the bag.

The cast of Trek have so far managed to avoid releasing any details about JJ's rejig of the Trek franchise, possibly on pain of phaser death. But now we know that Paramount are prepared to stick with the young cast for three films at the very least, should Star Trek be a success.

It's probably not too much of a surprise, after all, most actors will sign multiple picture deals when signing up for a franchise as big as Trek, but it's good news all the same.

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