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Simon Pegg and Nick Frost confirmed in Tintin!

Looks like the rumours about Simon Pegg and Nick Frost joining Steven Spielberg’s Tintin were on the money.

Ain’t It Cool News is reporting that the duo are confirmed as ‘tec team Thomson and Thompson, who aid Tintin in his investigations.

They join the already-set Andy Serkis, who will also be donning a snazzy performance capture suit to play Captain Haddock.

No Tintin yet

There’s no word on who will play the titular lad yet – Thomas Sangster had been cast but dropped out due to scheduling issues. But AICN says that the film is about a month away from starting to shoot (aiming for a 2010 release), so expect more news soon.

With co-producer Peter Jackson planning to direct the second film in a planned trilogy, Tintin’s first 3D outing is apparently costing $135 million. No wonder Paramount roped in Sony as a co-financier…

[Source: AICN ]

Question: Who would you cast as Tintin? Freddie Highmore? An unknown?