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Silent Hill: Homecoming - exclusive movies

Day 1:Updated impressions| Day 2: Exclusive movies | Day 3:Interview with Akira Yamaoka

Our first video cuts to the chase - Alex dueling with three undead nurses. If you drop down to their level with the light off, you might be able to sneak past without a scrap. In this case, Alex loudly stumbles in with his light blaring. Naturally, they notice and head straight for him.

Notice how they move, it's almost like they're missing frames of animation. This stuttering shamble finally captures how effing terrifying a faceless zombie monster would really be. They were always a little twitchy, but this is dead on.

You also get a good glimpse of the lighting. Beating 'em back is one thing, but when you can also watch their shadows dance around the room, stretching and darkening based on where you are in the room, that's a whole other level of immersion. Too bad there's no footage of the finishing moves, the dodging or the counterattacks - we heard a lot about them, even saw those actions in motion, but this vid leaves 'em all out. Combat sounds good right now, but we'll need to get our hands on the game to say whether or not it works as intended.