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Silent Hill: Homecoming - exclusive movies

The next clip takes place near the very beginning of the game. Alex has just escaped from his gurney and wanders through cluttered hallways searching for his lost brother. Nothing too exciting, just a taste of the game's first moments.

Crying babies aside, there's not much to get worked up about. You do get to see the first contextual moment though, a simple "A" press to hop over through a window. Series buffs will also notice the "item get!" sound is the same as it's always been. Clip ends right as Alex finds an X-Ray that might contain a clue we mentioned in yesterday's story breakdown.

The final clip is the first appearance of the lurker; it's made home in your waterlogged basement.

So, yeah, it stops right before the lurker jumps out. A sick tease. Now you don't get to see how it swims through the still water, leaving a ripple trail that subtly gives away its location. We don't have the video, but hey, here's what it looks like.

Check back tomorrow for a round of Q&A with Silent Hill musicmaster Akira Yamaoka. If you're not familiar with his works, please, please start searching for the packed-in Silent Hill 3 soundtrack from 2003, or Theme of Laura from Silent Hill 2. You won't be disappointed.

Apr 22, 2008