Sifu is a PS5 brawler from the Absolver team

(Image credit: Sloclap)

Sifu, a brawler from the team behind Absolver, has been announced for PS5.

At the State of Play showcase, we got to see Sifu in action in its first debut trailer. Sifu appears to be a stylish brawler, a natural fluid action game from the team at SloClap. There's not a whole lot that we know about Sifu right now, but it certainly looks like it'll be an entertaining ride at the very least.

If this looks something like Absolver to you, then you're spot on, because SloClap is actually the studio behind the 2017 brawler. There are obvious comparisons to be drawn between the two games, as we see an unnamed character brawl with various enemies in a corridor, not unlike how Absolver pitted you in stylish hand-to-hand combat scenarios.

Right now, there's no solid release date for Sifu. However, we do know that it'll be coming out at some point later this year in 2021. Not only that, but it'll be coming to both PS4 and PS5, so you'll be able to play it on both Sony's last-gen and current-gen consoles.

Elsewhere at the State of Play showcase, we were treated to a trailer for the forthcoming Returnal from Housemarque, masters of the arcade shooter. On top of that, there have also been new trailers for Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time's PS5 upgrade, and Oddworld: Soulstorm, narrated by developer Lorne Lanning.

For all the other games confirmed to be coming to Sony's next-gen console at some point in the future, head over to our upcoming PS5 games guide for more.

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