Sifu release date confirmed for February 2022

The Sifu release date has been confirmed during the Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live showcase.

Developer Sloclap also revealed a brand new gameplay trailer that shows off several new locations from the game, alongside the February 2022 release date for the frenetic fighter. 

Fortunately, fans of Sifu's slick melee combat, engaging revenge story, and gorgeous visuals needn't wait too much longer to play, as the game is now due to launch on February 22, 2022 for PS4, PS5, and PC via the Epic Games Store. We can't help but wonder how much of the decision-making about the release date came down to 2/22/22, but that's when it's coming out regardless.

Sifu is available for pre-order now through the PlayStation Store (opens in new tab) and the Epic Games Store (opens in new tab). The Standard Edition is $39.99 USD/39.99€ and includes the base games as well as two pre-order bonuses: an exclusive Photo Mode Cinematic Pack and two exclusive avatars. The Deluxe Edition will run you $49.99 USD/49.99€ and comes with all Standard Edition bonuses as well as the game's full soundtrack, a digital art book, a 10% discount on the game, and rather appealingly, access to the full game 48 hours ahead of the official launch. 

We'd never tell you how to spend your money, but the Deluxe Edition definitely seems like the better deal here, especially when you consider it's practically only $5 more than the Standard Edition with that handy 10% discount applied. 

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