Sierra confirms Battlestar Galactica on XBLA

We've known for a while that Sierra Online has been planning to bring a Battlestar Galactica game to Xbox Live Arcade but the company has now finally made an official announcement.

As reported by Team Xbox, the game will be a top-down shooter featuring a single-player campaign and multiplayer human vs. Cylon space battles that support up to eight players in Firefight, Skirmish and Domination modes. A number of the game's single-player missions are based on action in the TV series, with four ships from both factions - including the Viper II and the Cylon raider - present and pilot-able.The release date is expected to be sometime this fall.

Official confirmation on the Battlestar Galactica game has been accompanied by word on two further Xbox Live Arcade games from Sierra Online: Commanders: Attack! and Switchball.

Commanders: Attack! is a turn-based strategy game sporting a 1930s Art Deco visual style that has players attempting to conquer territory with missile launchers, bombers and infantry. A 15-mission single-player campaign is joined by offline and online four-player multiplayer with Versus, Team Play, Player vs. CPU or same-system Skirmish modes. Also slated for fall, it's set to release on both 360 and PC.

Lastly, Switchball (due for summer ’07) is a puzzle game where you have to maneuver an "ever-changing ball along a narrow and challenging course suspended in midair." The idea is that you use the ball's four different states - standard Marbleball, feather-light Airball, electrically charged Powerball, or dense and powerful Metalball - to overcome different obstacles.

July 9, 2007