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The Showdown Effect livestream/giveaway happening now!

Are you a fan of hectic shoot-'em-ups and cheesy one-liners that sound like they're from an '80s action flick? Of course you are! That's why you should join us this Friday at 3pm PST for our livestream of The Showdown Effect, the chaotic multiplayer melee from Arrowhead Games Studios, the team that made Magicka. Even better, we'll be giving away beta keys to random audience members during the stream! So check back then, and you'll be privy to some of the most off-the-wall sword and gunplay this side of a Chow Yun Fat movie.

Watch below or hit up the GamesRadar Twitch page, and you too could be a winner! No guarantees that you'll be able to take top honors in every frantic multiplayer match, but hey, it's a start.

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