Should you buy a gaming PC on Prime Day?

How much should you spend on a gaming PC on Prime Day?
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If you're in the market for a new gaming rig, you might be asking if you should buy a gaming PC this Prime Day. Computers don't exactly come cheap these days, especially if you want something that can play 2024's biggest titles that are getting more and more demanding on their minimum specs sheets. 

Black Friday is admittedly when we see the biggest discounts on computers and their components throughout the year, but Prime Day isn't to be slept on either. Outside of that, there aren't that many obvious points on the calendar you can point to as great times to budget for when it comes to PC deals. Luckily, Amazon Prime Day PC deals are pretty reliable, whether you're looking for a new GPU or a whole new rig.

Amazon is, however, the world's largest retailer, and when Prime Day kicks in, there are an unholy number of deals and products to sort through. Luckily, we have a list of the best gaming PCs that can keep you on the straight and narrow, although there will be plenty of configurations we'll be able to recommend to you this Prime Day based on our time with each brand and the parts that make up a build. 

There's a lot to think about when asking if you should buy a gaming PC this Prime Day, and while we can certainly recommend good deals when we spot them, we've added some reasoning, analysis, and thoughts about who should be buying what, and how much you should be paying down below. 

Budget PCs on Prime Day

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Budget gaming PCs (Under $1,000)

My goal when covering gaming PC deals during big sales events like this is to try to find the best rig under, or as close to a grand as possible. It's more than possible to find a capable gaming PC under $1,000/£1,000 these days, and you won't need to compromise as much as you'd think.

Even if the rig in question doesn't have one of the best graphics cards, it might be all you need to get started. Upscaling tech today is so good you'll cover yourself even if you get one of the more entry-level builds with recent-generation parts in it. 

For processors, we'd think about futureproofing. 11th and 12th-generation Intel CPUs will be cheap as chips this Prime Day, but if it's a choice between them, absolutely go for the 12th. These are DDR5 compatible, and as long as you get a motherboard that plays ball, you'll set yourself up for years to come.

Buy a budget gaming PC this Prime Day if:

You're looking for your first gaming PC

If you haven't owned a gaming PC before, we'd always recommend starting you off with a budget buy first of all. You never know if PC gaming will really be for you, and splashing out thousands on a higher-end PC isn't worthwhile in that case. If you want to dip your toes in the waters of the wonderful world of PC gaming, a budget buy is advisable this Prime Day.

You're a jaded PS5 player who wants something more

Look, I hear you. I've been playing more on a PC than on a PS5 in recent years, and I've always been a big PlayStation fan. There are loads of benefits to playing on PC, but if you want the best bang for your buck to find out if the PC loadout is for you, a budget buy will absolutely compete with your console.

You don't mind gaming at 1080p

If you're coming from the console world, you might need to accept that a budget buy in the PC realm will be predominantly aimed at 1080p/1440p gaming. As I've mentioned, upscaling tech exists to push you into higher frame rates in stronger resolutions, but if you want 4K graphics, maybe aim higher up the price range.

Which budget gaming PCs should you buy on Prime Day?

There is a wide selection of budget gaming PCs that we typically see for under the $1,000 mark in most instances. This includes cheap configurations from iBuyPower, the HP Omen 25L, Acer Predator Orion 3000, CyberPowerPC, Gamer Master, and various Skytech Gaming rigs. 

Mid range PCs on Prime Day

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Mid range gaming PCs (between $1,500 and $2,000)

If you're after a machine that can comfortably sit at 1440p in today's games, then it's likely you're going to be aiming for somewhere above $1,000, but likely under $1,800. Mid-range gaming PC hardware is beginning to be priced a little better these days (he says tentatively), depending on the brand you go for. For example, from our early tests with the Intel Arc A770, we can say it's absolutely worth going for if you don't have the money for a higher-end Nvidia or AMD GPU but still have ambitions for 1440p and 4K60. There's a lot that can be done with rigs well under the $1,500 mark, many of which will feature faster processors, far more storage space, and much more capable video cards. 

This is the price range that we normally see the RTX 4070/3070 reside in, which will more than set you up for decent gaming performance. 12th Gen Intel Core i7 CPUs and AMD Ryzen 7 processors are common in builds of this spec. We'd also look at ensuring you have at least 16GB of DDR5 and 1 or 2TB of SSD storage space. You want NVMe SSDs here, not SATAs. 

These machines arguably offer the best price-to-performance ratio for the vast majority of PC gamers, making gaming PCs under $1,700 some of the most sought-after on Prime Day at least in our experience.

Buy a mid-range gaming PC on Prime Day if:

You want value that lasts

As we've covered, gaming PCs don't come cheap. If you're going to invest, shouldn't it be a worthwhile computer that lasts you a good while? If you're planning to do more gaming on PC, or you're into some light content creation, give a mid-range PC some consideration this Prime Day.

You can't repair your current rig

If there's just no saving that budget gaming PC you got yourself in 2020, I know your pain. Prime Day is the perfect chance for an upgrade on the cheap, so use it! Otherwise, there's no stop on the high-price train until November.

You're looking for an upgrade

It's highly likely that 40 Series Nvidia builds will be going cheap this Prime Day. The same goes for DDR5 and Current generation CPUs. If you've been holding off on an upgrade, think about it this Summer - it'll likely be a great time to invest in some hardware upgrades. 

Which mid-range gaming PCs should you buy on Prime Day?

In terms of which mid-range gaming PCs are available, you've got configurations of the Alienware, as well as the HP Omen 30L, and various Skytech and iBuyPower models just to name a few. 

Prime day high-end gaming PCs

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High-end gaming PCs

For those wanting high-end options with their next rig, you'll most likely find you need to spend around the $2,000 or more mark depending on the brand you buy from. Some high-end rigs, especially the ones sporting an RTX 4080 or more, can be extremely pricey - like, above $3,000 pricey. It's up to you if you shoot for these, but just be aware that building separately, or building up from a mid-range rig, might be an easier financial hurdle.

For these rigs, definitely aim for 32GB of DDR5, and if you aren't seeing 2TB of NVMe storage, your money could go further elsewhere. To get your money's worth, you really want a flagship processor from AMD or Intel, but 7s could work too if they're priced fairly enough. The biggest strength of these computers is their capacity for 4K gaming above the 60 FPS mark, so if that's what you're aiming for, be prepared to bite the bullet. The good news is, that these sorts of PCs are total powerhouses, and there will barely be anything you throw at it that your gaming monster will struggle to deal with.

Also, be more cautious about discounts with these machines - sometimes retailers can be a little wayward with quoted MSRPs.

Buy a high-end gaming PC this Prime Day if:

The deals are good

If you see a genuinely strong deal, then absolutely jump on a Prime Day gaming PC deal. A bargain is a bargain, and we'd always recommend getting the most power for the least price before stock runs out. High-end PC power doesn't come cheap, so make the most of it!

You seriously can't wait for Black Friday

I'd be surprised if there weren't better deals, and more of them, come Black Friday. Especially when it comes to the highest-end gaming prebuilds, we tend to see some massive price reductions come Black Friday. While we do see some excellent discounts for Prime Day too, we'd say Black Friday usually wins out. If you can't wait for November, start preparing yourself.

You can't make do with component upgrades for now

Upgrading to the latest generation components can be a total pain. You need a new processor so you can get DDR5 RAM, but you also need a new motherboard so you can get either of those things. If you want a genuine step up in performance but you've reached a ceiling with your current rig, Prime Day gaming PC deals will help you cross that threshold.

Which high-end gaming PCs should you buy on Prime Day?

We're also gearing up for the Prime Day gaming laptop deals. And for console gamers, we're bringing you everything you need to know about the Prime Day Xbox deals and Prime Day PS5 deals

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