Should you be playing MultiVersus with controller or keyboard and mouse?

Multiversus keyboard and mouse vs controller
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As a major Multiversus fanatic I can tell you that the debate regarding whether or not you should be playing with a PC controller or gaming keyboard and mouse is a pretty intense one. There are benefits to both methods of input but they also come with negatives too.

After playing with both for a while I will say wholeheartedly I prefer keyboard and mouse, but this is not going to be the case for everyone. If you're not sure what to go with, fear not, we have summarised some of the reasons why you may want to use one over the other. 

TLDR: controller vs keyboard and mouse


  • Familiarity with fighting games controls
  • Can be easier to pull off combos quickly
  • Ability to sit back and relax
  • Less shoulder and back pain after long sessions
  • Fighting games designed with controller users in mind

Keyboard and mouse

  • Easier to input directional abilities
  • Familiarity for people who game on PC often
  • Less likely to button mash
  • Posture that comes with it can make you feel more engaged for competitive play

MultiVersus on controller

One of the main reasons many people prefer controllers when playing Multiverses is due to familiarity. There are some stark similarities between the game and very popular counterparts like Super Smash Bros meaning that people who have already pumped hours into their Nintendo want to play with the same controls. 

Even if you're not playing on the same controller/Joy-Con as you do when playing other fighting games, you are able to remap your controller on Multiverses to match as closely as possible. Some people find it more comforting to use a controller as it allows for them to pull off combos easier, faster, and in quick succession. 

Another big pro you may find when using a controller is the ability to sit back and relax. Since the game doesn't have a competitive mode yet, you might not want to take it too seriously, which can be difficult if you're inches away from your screen hunched over a keyboard and mouse. 

Sitting back in your chair and playing with a controller results in you being a lot less tense - for me anyway. This means that you'll find it better for longer gaming sessions as you wont end up with a backache or shoulder pain. 

Realistically, it feels like fighting style games are designed with controllers in mind, which shows when using one.

Which controller should you use for MultiVersus? We've rounded up some of our top picks below.

multiversus keyboard and mouse vs controller

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MultiVersus on keyboard and mouse

The main reason I use keyboard and mouse, which may not apply to everyone, is because I find it much easier to input directional controls. Sometimes when playing with controller, its easy to just roll a joystick in any direction while button mashing to pull off an attack. This means when trying to side attack sometimes you might pull off an upward attack which can so easily ruin a combo streak or even just the flow of the game. Using a keyboard just eliminates this issue because you have to press a specific key for direction.  

The familiarity argument can also come into play here as well. Some people have played with keyboard and mouse for a wide range of games for years, including me, meaning it feels natural and comes easier.

If you're someone who is hoping to take the game more seriously then you might find that the posture and positioning that comes with keyboard and mouse make you feel more engaged with the game. Although MultiVersus doesn't have an official competitive queue yet, you'll find that you can track your rank in your profile for both Solo and Duo games. 

You can take a look at some of our top picks for gaming keyboards and gaming mice below. 

multiversus keyboard and mouse vs controller

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What's the best option?

I think what you use comes entirely down to what you find most comfortable and what you're familiar with. If you're someone who has played fighting games before then you'll likely find it easier to pick up MultiVersus on whatever input you have used in the past.

If fighting games are completely new to you then it'll be down to testing out both options and seeing what suits you better. If you're planning to put a tonne of hours into the game, then controller may be better for you so you can sit comfortably. 

If you default to button mashing when you have a controller in hand, then test out keyboard and mouse and see if it has the same effect. 

If you're still don't have access to the new Warner Bros game then you can check out our How to play multiversus guide. Otherwise, be sure to check out our best gaming PCs and best gaming laptops so you have the best rig to play on. 

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