Shopping website creates Zelda contest despite being uninformed about Zelda

All shopping site wanted to do was offer visitors a chance to win a free 3DS, and maybe sell a few games or DVDs. But now the site languishes in the irredeemable depths of whatever realm you're sent to for violating the Internet's most sacrosanct tenets, thanks to a contest that asked players to name Zelda's horse in Ocarina of Time.

Above: The Internet's worst thing

Zelda, a pretty cool guy who kills Gannon and isn't afraid of anything, couldn't be reached for comment; however, the good people of Reddit (via Game Informer) wasted no time in pointing out that the hero of Ocarina of Time is of course called Link (unless you name him “Zelda,” in which case aren't you just in for a needlessly confusing time). Having been roundly and soundly Gannon-banned for their offense, the staff of The Hut must now suffer lives of solitude and misery, looked down upon as pariahs by all. Of course, you've still got until the end of the day to enter their contest, so long as you don't mind replying to questions that have no answer.