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Shiver headed to the screen

Supernatural romance novel Shiver has been nabbed by Unique Features for a big screen make-over.

No prizes for guessing which successful franchise producers Bob Shay and Michael Lynne are hoping this one emulates, particularly when you learn that Maggie Stiefvater's novel features a bittersweet paranormal love story between a teenager with a dark secret and the girl who helps to ground him.

The first in a three-book series, Shiver was published in August and follows a lad who becomes a wolf every winter until true love helps him find a new way to live. Next up will be Linger, which arrives on shelves next year.

"I'm not the biggest werewolf or vampire fan, but the author has a strong take on a young adult sensibility," Shaye tells Variety. "It's also a sexy love story that isn't too over the top."

And to think, it was just a couple of years ago that everyone was looking for the next Harry Potter. Oh, wait - they never stopped. But the search for Twilight-alike possibilities seems to be even more popular...

[Source: Variety ]

Can this turn into the next Twilight? Do we even need another Twilight?