Sherlock season 4 teaser promises 'it’s not a game anymore'

It’s not long, but there’s a lot squeezed into the 47 seconds of Sherlock’s latest season 4 teaser.

"The roads we walk have demons beneath… and yours have been waiting for a very long time," states the voiceover, before the visuals switch to a burning building.

"What's the very worst thing you can do to your very best friends?" Toby Jones - appearing as Sherlock antagonist Culverton Smith - asks, as Sherlock clutches a pistol and Watson sits in the bottom of a well. "Tell them your worst secret.”

But perhaps most shocking of all is Sherlock’s “I love you” at the close of the teaser… well, he's not known for being warm and cuddly, is he?

If the first trailer for Season 4 of Sherlock is anything to go by, this series will be at a much darker storyline for the detective and company. 

The first episode will air on New Year's Day at 9pm on BBC1.

Image: BBC

Vikki Blake
Weekend Reporter, GamesRadar+

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