Mark Gatiss returns as Sherlock's Mycroft and has a message for fans ahead of the show's 10th anniversary

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Staying away from others and avoiding large groups due to the coronavirus has become the norm around the world, though Sherlock's Mycroft (Mark Gatiss) has another word for it. "This has become known as social distancing, or as I prefer to call it, paradise," the actor said in a video clip posted to Twitter where he embodied the obnoxious character once more.

Sherlock's uptight older brother was a fan favourite of the series for his witty quips and absurdly old-fashioned language. In the clip – posted to promote tonight's watch-along in celebration of the first episode's 10th anniversary – Gatiss continues, "It has long been a maxim of mine that not engaging with any other human being in any way is bound to lead to the maximum of... what is that word? Oh yes, happiness. This is a lesson, I'm afraid, my younger brother Sherlock is yet to heed."

"Some of us have reread Proust during lockdown or learned another three languages during lockdown. But if you choose to vegetate on the sofa watching television, that is entirely your concern." Anyone else feel called out?

The BBC Sherlock Turkey account have invited fans to join in an anniversary watch-a-long of 'A Study in Pink' on Twitter with the hashtag #AStrangeMeeting. While it would have been nice to hear of a new season in this surprise Twitter performance, it was still very cool to hear Mycroft's condescending voice again. "Goodbye. Or, indeed, go away," he signed off with.

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Millicent Thomas

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