Shenmue 3 comes with a Dreamcast case in the PS4 Collector's Edition

(Image credit: Deep Silver)

For many, the Dreamcast is most celebrated as the system that first gifted the world with Shenmue. Now that the Dreamcast is approaching its 20th anniversary, Shenmue 3 is celebrating its heritage with a Collector's Edition  that comes with a number of Shenmue-themed bonuses, including a stylized mirror, desk lamp, and the best part, a commemorative Shenmue 3 Dreamcast case complete with a reversible cover.

The Shenmue 3 PS4 Collector's Edition is a Shenmue fan's dream. The complete kit includes a double-sided mirror, desk lamp, iron-on patches, stickers, a PS4 copy of the game, and a foil-stamped box and slip cover to hold it all together. The Collector's Edition will run you $100 and can be pre-ordered starting at 12pm ET on Monday, September 9. Only 5,000 copies of the limited edition Shenmue 3 Collector's Edition will be produced, so if you need to have it you should act quickly.

The latest trailer for Shenmue 3 should only give fans of the franchise hope for its triumphant return after 20 years. The footage shows the series' hero, Ryo Hazuki, in his natural environment: ordering food from a local market, playing arcade games, and beating the hell out of bad guys - a welcome confirmation that the developers at the very least tried to strike that heavenly balance between action and life simulation.

That said, Shenmue 3 hasn't been without its fumbles - far from it. Not mentioning the extremely lengthy, delay-heavy development process, the last-minute announcement that it would be an Epic Games exclusive wasn't 100% well-received. Like it or not, Shenmue 3 drops November 19 on PC and PS4 November 19.

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