Shenmue 3 backers can request the game on Steam, but there's a chance they'll never get it

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If you helped Kickstart Shenmue 3 to the then record-breaking tune of $6,333,295, you should soon receive an email from developer Ys Net asking you for the final time to confirm what version of the game you'd like to receive. And while yes, all backers can make a change at this point if they so wish – including switching to Steam in anticipation of when the game exits its Epic Games store exclusivity period – unfortunately, there's a chance Steam keys "will ultimately not be distributed" at all.

"Requests for Steam keys will be accepted through the survey, however, there is the possibility that Steam keys will ultimately not be distributed depending on negotiations with Valve," the update said. "An announcement will be posted in the updates with the outcome of the negotiations.

"We apologize for this revision to the previously stated PC option."

Initially, we'd expected these negotiations to have finished up in July, but it seems discussions are still on-going. Consequently, whilst Ys Net is happy for you to indicate via your survey that you want a Steam version, the developer is unable to confirm when – or even if – it'll be able to do so.

Your options? If you don't want to wait until the Steam version is confirmed, you can select to receive it on EGS, switch to PlayStation 4, or request a refund. You have until October 3, 2019, to let Ys Net know your preference.

Shenmue 3 was first announced at PlayStation’s E3 press conference way back in 2015, the same year it broke records by being successfully Kickstarted. Since then, the original 2017 release has been pushed back several times, moving from 2017 to early 2018, then August 2019. Now it's expected to release on November 19, 2019.

We found out in June Shenmue 3 was going to be an Epic Games Store exclusive. Of course, the community reaction to Epic Games snatching up the game that had originally offered Steam versions as part of its Kickstarter rewards wasn't great and disheartened many who were hoping to pick it up somewhere like Steam. Don’t forget, however, that Shenmue 3 is also releasing on PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive.

Have you seen the Shenmue 3 PS4 Collector's Edition yet? As Jordan said, it's a Shenmue fan's dream. The complete kit includes a double-sided mirror, desk lamp, iron-on patches, stickers, a PS4 copy of the game, and a foil-stamped box and slipcover to hold it all together. Only 5,000 copies of the limited edition Shenmue 3 Collector's Edition will be produced.

Get an in-depth look at Shenmue 3 from an Edge Magazine feature published earlier this year.

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