Shawn Levy finds a Father Figure

It sounds like the sort of sitcom pap that American TV networks (and a few British ones) would just jump on and turn into a highly-rated, beloved series while other, more creative shows wither and die. But Father Figure is actually a movie pitch in which a successful, established, woman-chasing bachelor steps up to his responsibility and offers to care for his widowed sister and her daughters after daddy dies.

And who better to bring us this slice o’ laugh-grabbing life? Why, that would be Shawn Levy, who birthed Just Married, Cheaper By The Dozen and Night At The Museum. Yes, be afraid.

Mark Friedman has penned a first draft of the script that obviously didn’t meet Fox 2000’s schmaltz quota, as tom McCarthy has been drafted in to rewrite it. At least, he will once the strike is over.

Meanwhile the perpetually buy Levy (you may not love his movies but lots of people do) is already getting set to pump out The Rocker with Rainn Wilson and What Happens In Vegas with Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. Oh, and then there’s the small matter of Night At The Museum 2, which starts shooting early next year…

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