Shadwen is Metal Gear Solid meets Superhot on PS4

Metal Gear Solid is a game about sneaking around enemy fortresses. Superhot is a game where time only moves when you do. Shadwen is a game coming to PS4 and PC about sneaking around enemy fortresses, where time only moves when you do. Yes please. And those aren't the only excellent games it seems to draw inspiration from.

Brought to you by the studio that made Trine, Shadwen is about an assassin on her way to kill the king when she encounters a young girl. The armored guards and candlelit streets (and focus on stealth) evoke the classic Thief series, while the to-kill-or-not-to-kill moral choices you'll make remind me of Dishonored. And then there's the fact that, should you get caught, you can rewind time, and it's not hard to throw Prince of Persia comparisons in as well.

But hey, lots of games have features or ideas that are reminiscent of other games. That doesn't mean they aren't worth paying attention to. And considering how Shadwen looks in action and the studio behind it, I'd say this will be one worth keeping your eyes on. It launches this May.

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