Shadows of the Damned brings together Resident Evil and No More Heroes creators

A couple years back EA announced they were making games with several big name developers, including Epic and Grasshopper Manufacture. Earlier this year Epic and EA revealed the over-the-top shooter Bulletstorm, but many were waiting patiently for Grasshopper's seeming dream team game made by Shinji Mikami (creator of Resident Evil) and Suda51 (creator of No More Heroes). At long last, during Tokyo Game Show this morning EA and the developers revealed the intense, demon-killing, explosive trailer for Shadows of the Damned. Here’s the video:

Shadows of the Damned is about uber-badass Garcia hunting down demons in the City of the Damned and killing the shit out of them. In a very old school turn right out of Double Dragon, his girlfriend has been kidnapped and he’s going to have to kill enough monsters to clear the path to here. Helping him is a former demon (didn’t know you could quit that job) that transforms into all of Garcia’s different weapons.

Looking at the third-person shooting in the trailer and the no-nonsense monster-slaying star, it’s not hard to see Mikami’s influence and the feel of Resident Evil 4. But you also can see some over-the-top craziness that leads us to believe it’s going to have the weirder, post-modern edge that Suda51 brings to his titles.

In the wake of Bayonetta, perhaps Shadows of the Damned will be another pseudo-sequel to a Capcom franchise, where the devs expand on Resident Evil like Bayonetta did with Devil May Cry. With Mikami’s other game, Vanquish, coming out next month, Suda51 working on an XBLA title, and Shadow of the Damned planned for 2011, they are a couple of busy boys.

Sep 15, 2010

Henry Gilbert

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