SFX Weekender to host UK premiere of K-20 The Fiend With Twenty Faces

Two questions.

1/ What movie did Ain't It Cool describe as "liberal handfuls of Raimi's Spider-Man and Nolan's Batman... adding in a few pinches of Darkman and Sky Captain"?

2/ What unique event will bring sci-fi fans together in one location to experience entertainment, comedy, screenings, workshops, autographs, a party and more?

Ah, too easy. The second one is obviously the SFX Weekender .

The first one is K-20: The Fiend With Twenty Faces , a movie based on Soh Kitamura's novel The Story of Nijyumenso and directed by Shimako Sato. Known (erroneously) as Legend Of The Mask at its Santa Barbara Film Festival screening, K-20 is set in the fictional city of Teito in the late 1940s, in a world where World War II never happened and an extreme divide exists between the lower classes and the nobility. The capital of Teito is in crisis with the emergence of a menacing thief known as "The Fiend With Twenty Faces" or simply "K-20." It stars Takeshi Kaneshiro as a circus acrobat who is framed to take the fall for the phantom thief, and it features the rock song Shock Of The Lightning by Oasis!

It received much acclaim in Santa Barbara and was also seen at the New York Asian Film Festival in June. VIZ Media has licensed the action film, and has partnered with SFX to ensure its UK premiere is at our Camber Sands event in February 2010.

Don't miss out! The screening of this is all part of the ticket price, which includes accommodation and entrance to every entertainment arena at the amazing sci-fi event. Find out how to join us at the official SFX Weekender site - remember, September discount offers are still available.

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