SFX200 Rocks! Its Official! You Say So

Your reactions to our momentous milestone of a 200th issue

“Mine got read in the bath yesterday because I didn't want to stop reading and it suffered a bit - oh dear.” Umopapisdn

“Got it on Friday and just finished reading it today. Fantastic issue, and a good long read, not just because of the extra content, but how much of it I was actually interested in. There's always stuff I skip, but here all you added really mattered. To another 200!” Fricky

“Got it on Friday, really enjoyed it, expecting it to be usual high standard but was much better than I even expected. Here's to the next 200. Congrats to the SFX team!" neo yahtzee

“Oh my god, it’s huge, it’s so big I don’t think I can take it. Fantastic issue, love the 200 Secrets, and world without Star Wars , now I’m gonna sit in the corner and have a geekgasm.” Grizzly1uk

“Just finished it today and having not bought the mag for a few months, was delighted to renew my acquaintance. I forgot how much of a sense of fun you guys have so I am going to continue to buy it again. Great secrets article and enjoyed the Star Trek features.” Psyman Dax

“Frankly I’m astounded that you managed to take Star Trek 2 , a film about which the only available information is ghosts of rumours of ideas, and still turn out almost 7 solid pages of text, all of which was very intriguing and interesting.” Ulysses

“Gorgeous issue. I'm particularly impressed that you managed to provide the excellent 'normal service' we've grown accustomed to over the years while making the whole thing feel special and celebratory too.” silvius

“Congrats on issue 200. It's brilliant. Just spent an hour reading and I've barely scratched the surface.” Gillian Coyle

And the occasion of an anniversary issue has also lead to an outpouring of SFX love in general…

“Month in, month out, the magazine has been a source of all things geek to me but the thing I’d most like to thank SFX for is the community it has helped to create. It isn't an understatement to say SFX has changed my life. Because of this fantastic magazine, and its excellent forum, I’ve met hundreds of like-minded people, including most of you guys working on the staff, and I’ve formed deep, long-lasting friendships with many. This letter may seem overly gushing, but I, and many others, would say that SFX is so much more than just a sci-fi magazine; it’s part of our lives and part of a country-wide community that met because SFX was a common factor.” Steven Ellis

“Congratulations on 200 issues, team! Long may you, erm, reign? Bit poncey. Continue? No, that just sounds weak. Shaft all the other inferior mags into the ground with your awesome goodness, and stand above the pyre of their remains, screaming a banshee cry of victory smeared in their ink? Yeah, that'll do it. Splendid, all of you.” Paul Robinson

“I am eternally grateful to SFX for improving my life ten-fold. I really should subscribe...” Patrick Morrison

“The best magazine this side of the galaxy; thanks for keeping it intelligent, funny and real.” davex

“I remember issue one, and have loved SFX since. Thanks all the team, keep up the AMAZING work for another 15 years and more!” russtronic

“It is no accident you are still here after 15 years, despite competition from other mags. You are as enthusiastic now as those who wrote it back in 1995 were, and it is great to have a superb magazine written by fellow geeks who get as excited about stuff as we do. When I was at college I used to dream about a career in journalism and writing for SFX was my dream job!” Quark

“It’s nice to know that geeks like me have had a magazine to read all this time - and it’s lasted for 200 issues!" will

Dave Golder
Freelance Writer

Dave is a TV and film journalist who specializes in the science fiction and fantasy genres. He's written books about film posters and post-apocalypses, alongside writing for SFX Magazine for many years.