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The mutants are among us! The X-Men invade the new issue of SFX, packed with the latest sci-fi news and reviews PLUS FREE DARREN SHAN ZOMBIE BOOK!

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All the latest SF news, including a look at Karen Gillan’s new horror movie Oculus . Plus Penny Dreadful , Absolutely Anything and Star Wars .

The inside word on the latest instalment in the X-Men franchise, including interviews with Bryan Singer, James McAvoy and Hugh Jackman.

Roar power! We talk to director Gareth Edwards about his 21st Century take on the big screen's greatest monster...

Celebrate 60 years of Godzilla with our definitive guide to the Toho terror. Includes the Top 5 Must-See Godzilla Movies, his greatest monster-on-monster smackdowns and the ultimate collection of trivia...

Director Doug Liman talks about killing Tom Cruise, working without a completed script and designing the film’s distinctive exo-suits...

Judgement falls on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 , Divergent , Hemlock Grove , 47 Ronin , The Elder Scrolls Online , The Sandman: Overture …and many more!

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