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SFX Issue 243 On Sale Now

With the future of law enforcement kicking off our mammoth 2014 preview, the latest print and digital edition of SFX is in shops now. Comply, citizens!

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Our world-beating news section feasts upon all the latest excitement, including a look at Spike Jonze's new one, Her . And Her 's her on the left, looking just a little like Scarlett Johansson.


Remake! Remodel! The star and the director lay down the law as the crime-smacking '80s icon earns a 21st Century reboot.


From big screen to small, books to comics to games, our pick of compelling reasons to believe that 2014 will rock like a fiery asteroid on a collision course with Earth. In a good way.


An exclusive interview with Steven Moffat, unwrapping Christmas special "The Time Of The Doctor" in the feature you'll soon be calling The Feature Of The Doctor. Plus: Matt Smith! We'll miss him.


On set with Mark Gatiss for this spooksome Christmas treat. Plus, writing exclusively for SFX, Mark picks his five favourite MR James ghost stories.


Bloom! Bloom! Rock the room! Yes, Elf-fanciers, it's Legolas himself, hiding his ears beneath a beanie.


Get set for an overpowering rush of nostalgia as we look back at the hardback seasonal faves that made Christmas worth waiting for. You wanted a BMX? Shut up, brat.


We asked you what you wanted to see in TV's new, defianty Batman-free take on Batman. We printed your replies and drew a nice picture. Now that's service.


All the latest offerings reviewed and rated, from Catching Fire to Frozen , Elysium to Kick-Ass 2 , Peter Hamilton's The Queen Of Dreams to The Star Wars . Plus: Big Ass Spider!

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