SFX Issue 16

September 1996



Actor Ethan Phillips gets into character to tell us what he reckons Neelix would have to say about the universe’s more outlandish recipes.

Neelix is rightly famed throughout the Delta Quadrant for his cooking. In fact, his ability to whip up the tastiest dishes from the most unpalatable ingredients is renowned all over Voyager. Here are five of his favourite creations, as described by the spiny headed Talaxian himself...

Devilled Throck
“A Throck is a small bird that flies around the southern section of a planet called Ahookeyhookey. It’s a very tiny bird, you need 300 birds to make one meal. It’s a painful process, but it’s delicious.”

Gaberosti Stew
“I like Gaberosti Stew because it’s made from Kazon shin meat. It’s the very stringy meat taken from the shin of a Kazon. It’s a gamey, pungent kind of meat that Gaberosti Stew uses in a way so that it totally actualises its flavour.”

Bothen Brian
“Bothen Brain is especially good if it’s been marinated in the brine of a Bothen pancreas. It’s very salty, almost a pickle dish.”

Jabalian Fudge Cake
“The original recipe had Chakotay nuts in it, but it’s been changed and now uses Mylox nuts. Chakotay only had two nuts so we could only make one cake.”

Bio-Gel-Pack Pudding
“Don’t tell anyone on the ship, but I make a pudding using the bio-gel-packs. It’s quite good.”