SFX EXCLUSIVE: Guerrier Brothers "Revealing Diary" Short

The 11th Sci-Fi London festival is now well under way (if you're in the capital, you really should check it out ), and its already giving us some imaginative - and chilling - new SF to get our teeth into.

As part of Sci-Fi London's 48 hour film challenge - in which film makers must shoot a SF themed short in, you've guessed it, 48 hours - intrepid Doctor Who writer Simon Guerrier and his brother (and director) Thomas created Cleaning Up . Unfortunately, they missed the deadline for the competition due to technical issues, but Sci-Fi London's loss is our gain, and you can see the fruits of their labours right here, right now. Hooray!

"It was frustrating to miss the deadline, but we don't regret a thing, says Simon in a blog post detailing the production of the film . "We'd strongly recommend taking part in the 48 hour competition, whatever your experience in film-making. Apart from the technical problems at the last minute, we had a brilliant time making our film and have learned a lot that will be very useful on our future projects. We're already planning our next films.

We didn't submit Revealing Diary to the competition because we thought it was a good film in its own right and wanted to finish it properly. We're proud of what we achieved and very grateful to all those people who gave their time and expertise for free."

And so, with no further ado, here's Revealing Diary by the Guerrier brothers. Enjoy!